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How is Hubble different than the competition? 


Lower price:  Hubble is the most cost-effective data provider in the industry.  If you were to sum the total cost of our product lines in the market, you’ll find Hubble is demonstrably lower than the competition.  Visit our pricing page to learn more.


More data:  Many of Hubble’s competitors offer some of the data we provide, but none of them offer all of the data we provide.  With Hubble, you get multiple product lines in one place at one low annual subscription price.​


Progressive design:  Our software is built to intuit the needs of our user.  Instead of hitting a landing page with countless search filters, you’ll see ways to quickly navigate to the information you're looking for. Hubble integrated hundreds of proprietary algorithms specifically designed to help our users quickly access this key information.


What is the source of Hubble's data?

The Department of Labor (DOL), Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), The Securities and Exchange Commissions (SEC), U.S. Census Bureau, and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).


How often is the data updated?

Our data is refreshed and updated regularly. On average, our data is updated every month. To accelerate updating, Hubble has established live data feeds to many of our third-party sources which allows us to make updates in real time.  

How reliable is the data?

The raw data we obtain from third-parties is very accurate and reliable. The problem with it is that it's raw and messy, making it difficult for the lay person to organize and interpret. This is where data science comes into play. At Hubble, our data goes through a rigorous sanitization, normalization and auditing process, which transforms raw data into a product that consumers can easily access, understand and use. We apply the newest and best industry data science techniques to ensure you get the highest quality data in the market. 

Will Hubble be adding more data?

Yes. Hubble is actively pursuing new data (public, private, structured, and unstructured) that will add tangible value to our customers at a justifiable cost.


How does Hubble determine the methodology to calculate 401k benchmarking metrics?

Calculations displayed and published on the Website or Software Application, such as 401(k) benchmarking metrics were developed in close consultation by independent third-parties. These parties include service providers, consultants, accounting firms and plan sponsors. While there may be different ways to calculate these measures, we believe our methodology is fair, accurate and represents the consensus of qualified experts. If you believe our methodology is inaccurate, false, or misleading, please contact us at

Does Hubble sell personal user data to third parties?

Hubble does not sell personal user information to third parties. User data is private and secure and will not be sold for any purpose. Visit our Privacy Policy to learn more.


Does Hubble allow product advertisements in their software?

Hubble does not allow third-party advertisements at this time and has no intentions to do so. While online advertisements accrete supplemental revenue, we believe it deteriorates the user experience and have chosen not to include it.


Does Hubble have affiliations with other organizations?

Hubble is a private firm with no affiliations to any other company. This independence allows Hubble to remain focused on providing an intelligence tool with complete transparency and no bends. 


Does Hubble accept compensation from third parties that could influence the information being displayed?

Hubble does not accept any form of compensation (direct or indirect) that would influence the content and position of the information on the Website or software Application. Hubble is committed to maintaining intellectual integrity in order to publish content free of any biases. 


Will Hubble license their data?

Yes, Hubble will entertain licensing agreements. If you would like to further discuss this topic, please contact us at

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