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About Us

Hubble Financial is a low cost data provider for the financial services and insurance industry.  We procure and transform large and complex data sets into easy-to-use decision support tools.  The markets we serve include: employer-sponsored retirement plans, group welfare benefit plans, large deal insurance market, and wholesale distribution.  Visit our products page to learn more.  Our customers include financial advisers, insurance producers, financial wholesalers, plan sponsors, consultants, researchers, service providers, accounting firms, law firms, and recruiters.  Customers use our data for sales prospecting, market research, benchmarking, recruiting, and document retrieval.  

Our team consist of experienced data scientists, software engineers and marketing and sales professionals dedicated to delivering the best business intelligence tools in the market. We are located right outside our Nation's Capitol in Bethesda, Maryland.  You can contact us by visiting our contact page.


Founded in 2020, Hubble was created to fill the large demand for cost-effective business intelligence tools that deliver a progressive and intuitive design.  There is no shortage of data in the finance and insurance industry and yet despite numerous firms attempting to organize and deliver it, two challenges still persist.  


1. Inflated Cost

Software should be priced commensurate with the value it provides. Too often, however, this is not the case and firms charge unduly high prices. Why might this occur? We have a couple of ideas.


The first problem is with the way firms position their product.  B2B software is often advertised as a silver bullet that will dramatically change the way you conduct business. Experience teaches us these claims fall short their lofty promises. What results, is a mismatch between value and price and an underwhelmed consumer. Decision support tools complement day-to-day business activities. At Hubble, we believe they should not be the center of your business activities and must be priced accordingly. 


Second, there is a shortage of high quality data providers in the industry.  Small supply and high demand can result in higher product prices.  As more competitors enter the market, this will put downward pressure on prices and margins, which will ultimately benefit you, the consumer.


2.  Information Fatigue

Log into a decision support tool today and you'll immediately encounter an ocean of data points and search filters.  Financial software has developed a bad habit of focusing on quantity and user-driven customization as the hallmarks of good software.  While these characteristics are important, they should be a secondary focus, not primary.  Using it as a primary focus might suit a marketing research manager, but will overwhelm a sales executive.       


Hubble took aim at these two shortcomings providing high quality decisions support tools that are simple to use and at a price point the consumer can justify.

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