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Retirement Plans


The retirement product line offers users the ability to conduct in-depth employer-sponsored retirement plan searches for public, private, for-profit, and tax-exempt companies. 

Key Information

Total assets, total participants, industry type, geography, total administrative costs, corrective distributions, fidelity bond compliance, average participation, average account balance, participation rate, company generosity, administrator, service providers, and more.    


The benchmarking tool provides a peer analysis on a variety of plan design and performance measures including: company generosity, participation rates, employee deferrals, and account balance. Compare plans to their peers over a five-year historical window.  Percentile rankings for each of these categories are also included.




Retirement Plans

Defined contribution plans - 401k and 403b plans

Defined benefit plans

Employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs)

Deferred compensation plans (top hat plans)

Who should use this product line?

Finance professionals focusing on employer-sponsored retirement plans. 


Document Retrieval

Users will be able to download the Form 5500 filing and annual auditors report from the DOL.

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