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Investment Advisor Representatives


The Advisers Act generally defines an investment adviser representative (IAR) as any person or firm that: (1) makes any recommendations regarding securities; (2) manages accounts of clients; (3) determines which recommendation or advice regarding securities should be given; (4) solicits or sells investment advisory services, or (5) supervises employees who perform any of the foregoing.  With the IAR product, you'll be able to identify IARs to help grow your network and expand your practice.



Who should use this product line?

Financial and insurance wholesalers that would like to identify new IARs to help growth their business.

RIAs that would like to identify new recruits.

Recruiters looking to identify new IARs to place.

Key Information

Geography, firm (UBS, LPL, etc.), experience (seasoned or rookie), services offered, compensation arrangements, other business activities, client profile, client type, assets under management (AUM), total number of clients, total number of accounts, average account balance. 

Contact Information

Includes address, phone, email and website.

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