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Service Providers


This product line offers an in-depth look at employer-sponsored benefit service providers, including total clients, payments, and market share. Are you a TPA or adviser that would to learn more about your competition?  This list will help you figure that out.  

Key Information

Retirement plan type (401k, ESOP, etc.), welfare benefit plan type (group life, group health etc.), geography, direct compensation, indirect compensation.

Market Share Analysis

View total market share for service providers, including total compensation and number of clients.



Who should use this product line?

Employer-benefit service providers that would like to learn more about their market and competitive landscape.

Employer-benefit service provider employees that would like to see a list of their firm's clients to help identify new opportunities opportunities. 

Other commissions

Non-monetary compensation 

Redemption fees

Product termination fees 

Shareholder servicing fees

Sub-transfer agency fees

Finders' fees / placement fees

Float revenue

Distribution (12b-1) fees

Recordkeeping fees

Account maintenance fees

Insurance mortality and expense charge

Other insurance wrap fees

Soft dollar commissions

Consulting fees

Securities brokerage commissions & fees

Other investment fees and expenses

Other insurance fees and expenses

Copying and duplicating

Type of Service



Claims processing

Contract administrator

Plan administrator

Recordkeeping and

information management

Consulting (general)

Consulting (pension)

Custodial (other than securities)

Custodial (securities)

Trustee (individual)

Trustee (bank, trust company)

Insurance agents and brokers

Insurance services

Trustee (discretionary)

Trustee (directed)

Investment advisory


Investment advisory (plan)

Investment management


Employee (plan)

Named Fiduciary

Real estate brokerage

Securities brokerage


Employee (plan sponsor)

Participant loan processing

Participant communication

Foreign entity 

Other services

Direct payment from the plan

Investment management fees - direct 

Investment management fees - indirect

Insurance brokerage

commissions & fees

Sales load

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