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Bank-owned Life Insurance


Bank-owned life insurance (BOLI) is an OCC approved alternative investment banks may use to help offset all employee benefit expenses.  BOLI is one of the largest single case insurance transactions in the insurance market, with single cases exceeding $100 million dollars. With the BOLI product you'll be able to quickly locate a bank that is a top BOLI prospect in your area.  



Who should use this product line?

Finance and insurance professionals that work with a bank or have access to a bank.  

Finance and insurance professionals that would like to participate in the large deal insurance market.

Key Information

Geography, BOLI prospect status (i.e., bad vs good prospect), total BOLI premium, remaining BOLI premium, total bank assets, liquidity ratios, recent BOLI purchases


See how banks compare  to their peers on a number of measures including BOLI holdings and liquidity ratios.

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